it’s been a while and I have been disobeying the Holy Spirit. I get side tracked so easily and it always take me forever to get back on track.

i had this dream a while back but here lately this dream has been on my mind.society has become so far gone with technology. This has to be by far the biggest distraction for us humans. Technology has turned us into zombies.


DREAM: sometime in 2017

I was in some kind of office building with hundreds of computers in the room. Each computer was doing some amazing things but the room felt very dark.  I’m not sure if it was God  or if I just knew it—but instantly I could see the demons working through the computers. The computers were creating all kind of new apps and new software. Everything was moving so fast- I was blown away but at the same time scared and ready to leave.

Cover your electronics with the blood of Jesus.



I had all these dreams prior to the actual voting date of Nov. 8th –.. These dreams were very short /clear and straight to the point. Not a lot of action.I should posted these as soon as I had the dreams …but it’s a thing called procrastination that I have been working on overcoming. 

1st Dream- I had this dream in the later part of October
In this dream it was shown to me that there are 2 Hillary Clinton’s or clones so to speak.In the dream someone was showing me documentation and videos of the day that Hillary fell sick during the 9/11 memorial service this year. that there was a clone waiting for her so she could be replaced. The clones were dressed alike, look alike but one was much smaller in height in size.  

This dream was more of a confirmation for me…

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DREAM 1.   4/23/2016

I was at a friends house and I has a feeling that someone was going to break in the home. I started praying and searching for a way out the house. Then 4 men came down from the roof on ropes like (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and I knew they were dangerous with demonic powers. I warned everyone and no would listen so the men started blowing directly in people’s faces and as they blew the people would fall out and go into a deep sleep.

I was the last one standing and when they blew towards me I fell down–but I did not put me to sleep. When I feel down started crawling and trying to get up but everything became so heavy that it was extremely hard for me to move. The Holy Spirit then told me to lay down and act sleep just like the others–so when I laid down and closed my eyes they were leaving the home. Once they starting walking out the God said “get up and run”–I instantly jumped up and started running. I ran to the same window they came in thru and used their rope to escape.

The Dream was so real I woke up afraid. Feeling like I just actually escaped from somewhere. I went back to sleep and had Dream 2.

DREAM 2. 4/23/2016

I was in a warehouse setting with about 9-10 people. We were all hanging our and we found out that some people were out to get us. The others didn’t take it serious and they were laughing and watching TV. I was constantly looking around, praying and trying to plot an escape. As I was looking out the window I saw three men all of different races sneaking up to the window. I started to warn the people I was with; but they continued to watch TV while they were laughing the men broke in. The guys walked to the people who were sitting on the couch watching TV and blew in their face. Once they blew the people instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Right when the men blew towards me I instantly remember what God told me in the previous Dream so I feel down and pretended to be sleep. God then told me to get up and attack the man that was standing in front of me. I jumped up and hit him when he was caught off guard. I was then able to escape. I was the only person still standing and who was able to escape.

I woke up even more scared than before. The Dream seem so real that I remembered all the emotion I had during the Dream.

I believe this dream is prophetic to what’s going on right now in the very time we are living in, Right now there are more than 500 different social media website—this is a distraction from the enemy. He wants us so distracted with the world and what others are doings that our spirit man is not being feed.  Your household could be a total wreck but instead of coming home and entering your War Room to seek God we will get on Facebook or Instagram.We must have balance in are daily walk. We must take time to pray-seek God- Fast and stay sober and vigilant.

Be spiritually aware of what’s going on in your household and around you. Always cover everyplace you enter with the Blood of Jesus. As you walk into rooms bind every demon in the name of Jesus and loose warring angels on your behalf. Just because a person looks normal does not mean they are not demonically oppressed. Demons are manifesting right now so we must be spiritually aware of what’s going on.

Every place I walk into I always look around for a exit in the event there is an emergency. I am always thinking two steps ahead even when driving. Always look at the faces in the room and try to remember. This day we can’t even remember telephone #’s let alone where we are or who we saw. In the Dream the people were so consumed with other things they didn’t notice we were under attack. This could very well happen today. Everywhere I go I see people glued to their smart phones. This is so sad to me-because we have turn to walking zombies.

Stay Ready!

If you have anything to add please do!


I had all these dreams prior to the actual voting date of Nov. 8th –.. These dreams were very short /clear and straight to the point. Not a lot of action.I should posted these as soon as I had the dreams …but it’s a thing called procrastination that I have been working on overcoming. 

1st Dream- I had this dream in the later part of October
In this dream it was shown to me that there are 2 Hillary Clinton’s or clones so to speak.In the dream someone was showing me documentation and videos of the day that Hillary fell sick during the 9/11 memorial service this year. that there was a clone waiting for her so she could be replaced. The clones were dressed alike, look alike but one was much smaller in height in size.  

This dream was more of a confirmation for me because I had already been researching clones/doubles etc..so it was just about being for sure in the information. I would suggest people doing their own research on clones and seek God for wisdom.

2nd Dream- I had this dream a week before election date
In this dream I the votes being counted on Election Day and the numbers were in red. I saw numbers being switch around behind the scenes but the ending results was Trump won.
I know there was some false polling and election fraud cases in some counties for those who were voting for Trump. 
3rd Dream- I had this dream a day before election
This was the most complexing dream to me.
In this dream Trump had won the election and there were thousands of people celebrating his victory. The dream then jumped to his inauguration day and people were happy-still celebrating waiting on him to show up to be sworn in. Time went on and people were getting worried starting to lose patience. I went and asked Trump why are you not going to get inaugurated and he said,” I will not be getting inaugurated nor will I become president because I am a robot”.

This is a photo I found on the internet to help show how the masses were cheering and having a celebration win Trump won. 

This is the only photo I could find on the internet–that would give somewhat the idea of how people were all just standing and waiting for Trump to get in the office. There were thousands of people of all sex and races.The people were all looking in the same direction waiting for something to happen. It seems like the masses are under mind control-waiting on a savior to help them when there is only one who can save. JESUS

When I woke up I instantly felt like something was going to happen and that no matter if he won there will still be something going on behind the scenes that the average person that is spiritual asleep will not know about. My current interpretations of this dream are:

1. Trump will be controlled from the White House either voluntary or involuntary thus meaning that he is not really in the white house but just a stand-in taking orders?.    
2.Something will happen causing the inauguration or the next presidency to be annulled or on hold indefinitely.

     I am not saying these dreams are prophetic or will take place verbatim–but God does give me dreams and I believe that he is definitely saying something.

    Please pray and stay vigilant. Don’t get caught in the hype of this election because it is something bigger going on behind the scenes. God wants up totally dependent on him and seeking him for his grace/mercy and direction. Look past the Main stream media and what’s on television–seek God for answers and direction.


My beloved dog who I miss so much, more than words can described pass away due to liver failure January 1,2016. 6 months prior to her death I had vision that she would be in heaven, but did not accept this as prophecy until after she passed.

I was at the home that I grew up in hanging out with a couple of friends and my mother, all of the sudden there were was a military attack and these men were breaking into people’s home to take them to FEMA Camp (or something along those lines). I told everyone in the house we have to go out the window and take the route that Holy Spirit gives us. No one would listen and they stayed at the house I left everyone and went out the window… halfway out  the window I realized I forgot Denim (my dog) and wanted to go back and get her. God told me NO! very firmly and he told me verbatim,“Denim will be ok you must go”. Once outside I started to fly and got involved with some battling that I don’t remember. All of the sudden I fell off a building back first and had no control of my body, I remember praying while going down and I landed on my mother’s living room floor face up.When I opened my eyes I saw Gold everything it was AMAZING!!..Everything in the room was gold: gold tables,thousands of gold necklaces,rings, mirrors, lamps, chairs,couches, gold sparkles, gold lighting. It was so much gold that the room was extremely bright from the gold alone. All of the sudden Denim (my dog) came from around this gold table and she was extremely white and fluffy and looked so calm and happy, she walked to me and just stood by me like she had been waiting on me and I was so happy to see her!!. 
I told a fellow sister in Christ my dream the next day and she told me that I was in Heaven and I was so upset at her because I didn’t want to hear that, I wanted to hear that Denim liver would be healed and she would be ok in the physical realm. When God told me that Denim was going to be okay and to leave her he was letting me that we will be apart and I must let her go..BUT she will be more than okay..SHE IS WITH JESUS IN HEAVEN..waiting on me
When I get sad thinking about her I remember this dream! I pray this helps someone missing their baby.


I had a dream that I was at some big event; maybe a football game or something like that. I remember looking around and paying close attention to my surroundings. (Which is something I always do). I saw this man wearing a FBI or CIA rain jacket directing traffic in the arena. 

Then the dream then jumped to what looked like an historic government building like a courthouse. I was walking to the door and the same man from the arena was standing there and:

 I said “Hello” to him and he said, “how do you know me?” I replied, I remember you from the arena, you were there earlier directing traffic. I then knew that he was upset that I remembered him, he then got on the walkie talkie to tell his team that I remembered him. He said, I was the only person who remembered him and I needed to come with him”,,I told him “no” very stern and this caused a back and forth between us. I then realize he was a demon and he didnt want me to know who/what he was as they were on a mission. I started to walk aaway and the Holy Spiirt told me to bind him up in the name of Jesus, as I was walking a way about four more men drove up in a older four door car and they jumped out to get me. The man walked to me and the Holy spirit told me to look him in his eyes while speaking in tongue under my breath. When I started to do so his eyes turned red and had a firey glare to them. It was an extrememly evil look, I started to say I bind you in the name of Jesus, followed by saying the Blood of Jesus He finally let me loose and walked away.

Interpretation so far:

There are actual demons.reptilians or whatever you may want to call them roaming the earth and everyone/thing is not what they seem. You must always stay covered with the Blood of Jesus, and bind all spiritual wickedness wherever you go. 

Never do anything within your own strength it’s all under the power of Jesus, when you starting using your own flesh you will lose each time.

Always pay attention to your surrounding when out in the world no matter where. Grocery store, mall, driving, resturants etc.. I have been out a many of times and was able to pick up if a person was a witch, demon, or just not right and when I sense this I start praying in tongues, binding the demons and loosing the power of the holy spirit and angels, or just covering the place with the blood of jesus

I also believe that when I receive these dreams it is spiritual training. 

If anyone has any input..please share. 

Father I cover this blog with the Blood of Jesus.


A few nights ago I had a dream that I was volunteering at some place that did security work. There was a white man dress in security attire giving me all the directions for the night as I was working an overnight shift. The security guy told me:

To be sure and watch the door to the outer room because there are wildlife animals being held here and they are very smart and can open and unlock doors. I remember thinking okay???,,why is there wild animals here.

He then left and I started watching TV while laying on the sofa couch and then all the sudden the door open and I saw this beautiful cheetah whom I knew opened that door. In the dream the Holy Spirit advised me to be very quiet and not to move, I watched the cheetah just play and walk around until he vanished.

Within what seemed like a few minutes I looked up and saw two baby brown bear cubs playing with each other and I remember thinking they are so cute. Suddenly I saw this huge Grizzly bear rise up and it was their mother, she was HUGH and brown. When she laid her eyes on me she started to growl and gallop towards me. At that exact moment I heard the Holy Spirit/God tell me:

This is a dream, you are safe and nothing will happen to you just listen to what I say and at any moment when you are unable to handle this dream just wake up” I remember saying yes telepathically. At that moment I was laying on the couch and  this huge bear was standing over me growling. I continue to say the Blood of Jesus and began speaking in tongues. It seem like three things were happening simultaneously–1. God saying you are safe I am with you 2. The Bear growling while sniffing me 3. Me speaking in tongues/while saying the blood of Jesus.

I told God telepathically that I could feel his growl and things seem to real. Suddenly the bear started smelling my hair and he put his noise in my scalp and started growling louder. It was so real and this bear was so loud that I could actually feel/smell her breath and feel his growls…When I think of this dream today I can still feel and hear the growl. At that moment I told God I couldn’t do it and I had to get up. I then rose up in my bed.

My interpretation so far:

Grizzly bears can be very dangerous animals, a mother bear while caring for her cubs will by any means protect her young. This bear was already on defense mode the moment she saw me because of her cubs.
In my dream interpretation book that I use as a study guide states that bears  can be interpreted as: evil forces /Russia/Anti-Christ/Iran/Territorial Spirit/Enemy.

In the dream God told me that this was training and I would not be harmed and he gave me directions to get through this dream.
I believe this was spiritual training to increase my faith to take authorities and dominion over the things in  this world. This dream can also be training to have the faith and not to fear the NWO, war, government etc.. Because their is POWER in the BLOOD

Luke 10:19
Behold, I give unto you power to read on serpents and scorpion, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

I believe God had given us authority over the beast of this world but we have to be righteous,full of faith, and holy.

I have been seeking God for a deeper understanding on dreams because I know that not all dreams are just dreams. Some of my dreams seem to be real but just in another realm, but I haven’t quite figure out how to explain this.

Father I cover this blog post with the blood of jesus


I remember in 2010 driving down a two lane road near some bad construction. It was raining very bad that day and the road was pretty nasty. I remember going through the green light and a car was coming at least 40 mph in the wrong lane coming towards me. There were traffic barricades and work zone construction cones on each side of the road and cars coming from each direction. 

I knew at that moment I was about to wreck, I knew not to hit the brakes as it would make it worst with the road conditions. I can’t quite recall but I believe I said Jesus at that moment I saw a light figure coming out of the sky very fast and within a blink of eye the angel pushed the other driver’s car back into his correct lane!..

I could not believe what I just saw, and I knew it was angel. The angel had huge wings and was almost seem transparent as though he was made of clouds. I couldn’t see features like a nose,eyes or lips etc..I could only see the silhouette; The angel was massive it almost seem to be a giant, his feet alone could have crushed my car.

I remember going home and calling my friend and telling her what just happened, I was in a state of shock, I just could not believe that I  just saw an angel. Sometimes it takes these type of occurrences to  reassure your faith and from that day on it could never be shaken. I pray that God would bless me with drawing skills so that I could draw my visions for you, but drawing is not my gift so all I have is this blog post.

God is good and so merciful and he loves his children. God loves us so much that he has angels assigned to us for protection and that day I saw one and will never forget. I know that if that angel would not have intervened that would have been a fatal wreck. 

Father in the name of Jesus I cover this blog with the blood of jesus, and bind the spirit of doubt and any naysayers. Father I ask that you send the right person to this blog post to read and have a good understanding.

In the name of Jesus


I had a night vision a couple of years back of what happens in the spiritual realm at night.

I don’t remember where I was at in the dream  but this man whom was about 5’10, white skin, scruffy facial hair with ultra yellow blonde hair, picked me up in the air and somehow I landed perfectly on his back. Within a flash he started flying in the air. The sky was extremely pitch dark but I could see the skyline of the city.

I kept thinking to myself where in the world am I or where am I going. Although I didn’t know who this man was I felt safe with him and I wasn’t concern about my well-being. I should also point out that at this moment while flying I didn’t know he was an angel.

While the angel was flying he was looking around as though he was searching for something or someone, he then said their they are, I remember thinking who are they??..Within a second he instantly starting flying down and we landed at the top of a building that looked like it would have been downtown. We were at the very top of  a building in the parking garage. Once we landed  it looked like a sense out of the Matrix Movie, that is the best way I can describe what I saw. These men all looked like normal humans but they were doing extremely high jumps at in the air, flips,  their punch and kicks had so much power  and force it seemed to knock the other person across the parking lot. While they were fighting I remember saying these men are not human and this is supernatural. I noticed that the cars were driving on the highway, people were parking their cars in the parking lot but no one could see what was going on.

Everything happen so fast that I couldn’t believe what was happening. I only could just stand and look at what was going on. I remember saying to myself this is what goes on in the spiritual world. Within a blink of an eye I woke up.

Although we cant physically see what’s going on, there is always something going on in the spiritual realm. Whether angels are fighting on our behalf, or having spiritual battles among themselves since there are good and bad angles.

In the Book of Daniel 10:13  The angel told Daniel that he was held up by the prince of the Persian and needed Michael the chief prince to help him. Where did this happen? Did anyone see this hold up take place? After having my vision this all makes since to me now. These battles could be taking right in your home but on another realm.

In the book of Enoch he goes into depth with the different Angels and their assigned authority. Angels are assigned to the solar system, sun, moon, wind, people and judgement. They are assigned to us and fight for us.

I would suggest that everyone see’s the movie Divination, which came out in 2011, this movie is based on spiritual warfare on the spiritual realm.  It’s an excellent movie to get a better understanding of the world we can’t see.

Again I would like to reiterate..I’m not here to win blogger of the year. I am only here to share my dreams and whatever the Holy Spirit places on my heart and fingers to type. So please take focus on what is being written and not how. you may see many typos and errors but the message is very understandable.

Father in the name of Jesus I cover this blog post with the blood of Jesus. I bind all interference and discord from this blog and loose the power of holy spirit and the gift of understanding. 

In Jesus name Amen.
If you have questions please feel free to email me